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CRM Consulting & CRM Strategy

CRM implementations often fail - or at least fall short of expectations - because CRM is handled as an IT or software project. The result: a well-founded CRM strategy is missing, as is the planning and introduction of CRM processes.

Only those who plan and roll out CRM holistically will get the best possible ROI on their CRM investment. With our experience from numerous CRM projects, we support companies with our CRM consulting to successfully plan and introduce CRM.

4 phases for successful CRM projects

Based on our experience and best practices, we have developed a 4-phase model for CRM implementations. The prerequisite: that CRM is seen as a holistic topic and management tool - and is approached accordingly in a holistic manner.

Basic analysis and conception of the CRM strategy

The important basis is a well-founded CRM strategy that includes goals, starting position and concrete requirements for the CRM system. Often neglected, a considerable contribution to the CRM ROI is already decided here. The result is not only the CRM strategy but also the CRM specifications.

CRM system selection & CRM implementation

Based on the previously developed CRM strategy, the appropriate CRM system can be selected together with your IT and specialised implementation partners and the implementation of the individual specifications can take place.

Internal communication for the CRM launch, training & Go Live

Once the CRM software has been implemented, a critical part follows: presenting the new CRM software to the employees in an attractive way, demonstrating the advantages of the CRM strategy and providing first-class training for all users. This is another very important building block for a positive ROI on CRM.

Keep at it & continue to optimise

The CRM introduction is done - but right now you must not let up. Often, important feedback from your users comes immediately after the introduction and additional ideas emerge. Therefore, from the outset, focus on a continuous review of CRM KPIs and an ongoing improvement process.