Relationship Marketing

"Relationships help in life" - and what is true between people is equally true between brands and people. Because today, more than ever, success or failure is determined by one crucial question: do you succeed in reaching those people who are important for your company's success? And do you manage to build a relationship with these people? We help you to answer both questions with a resounding yes! To this end, we develop individual strategies for lead generation, prospect activation, lead nurturing, customer loyalty and for the winback of lost customers.


The goal is clear: you want to generate leads and thereby acquire new customers. To do this, your first step is to attract prospects. To do this, we use content tailored to your customers' pain points, social media posts and adverts, and search engine-optimized websites.


To improve your search engine ranking for relevant keywords and thus gain more traffic, a well thought-out SEO strategy is essential.


Content is king. Only if your content offers added value to your customers, and to those who are to become customers, can you achieve success.

Social Media

Social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook continue to be important tools for attracting prospects.


A good website with relevant content, a good user experience and specific landing pages for lead generation is essential to attract new customers.


Optimizing your website for mobile applications should be a given these days - it's essential for the success of your online presence.

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Through good content, posts on social media and the right keywords, you've made it: potential customers are becoming aware of you. But now you need to get to know these prospects and generate leads - this can be done with meaningful call-to-actions, forms and landing pages that increase interest and encourage people to pass on their contact details to you.


A call-to-action button is one of the most important elements in lead generation. The wording and design of CTAs is just as important in converting potential leads as their proper placement and use.


Without a form, no lead. But even here there are some points that need to be considered. We help you to create an optimized lead generation form: from structure to Thank You Page.


The only goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads. This is where engaging content, clear call-to-action buttons and lead generation forms come together.


Of course, the leads gained are now to become customers. But many people don't just decide to make a purchase or sign a contract. That's why it's important to follow up on leads and regularly provide them with content to keep their interest high - and ultimately persuade them to make a purchase.

Lead Nurturing

Not every lead has a concrete purchase intention right away and must first be convinced of your company's services. Further lead nurturing and processing is best achieved with content that offers added value and makes you memorable.

Marketing Automation

The automation of marketing activities such as follow-up emails, personalized emailings and recommendations simplify the workflow enormously. This means that leads can automatically be constantly provided with relevant content.


A well thought-out CRM system simplifies contact maintenance and management enormously. It is a must for targeted relationship marketing, effective lead generation and lasting customer loyalty.


Enthusiastic customers are the best advertising. Word-to-mouth and recommendations are often important factors in the decision for or against a company. Negative customer opinions have a correspondingly strong impact - which is why it is all the more important to loyalize and inspire existing customers.


EMailings and newsletters are a proven way to regularly provide customers with relevant content and suitable offers. In addition, you get to know your customers even better through click behavior and can optimize your content accordingly.

Smart Content

Not every content is equally interesting for every customer. It's much more effective to tailor content specifically to a customer's needs. The more you learn about a user through click behavior and reactions, the better you can personalize your offer.

Social Listening

It is very important to know what your customers think of your company and your offer. You can find this out not only through direct contact, but also via social media. In this way, you can identify what moves your customers and thus respond better to their needs.