Brand Design für PID 3SIXTY

For the new PID 3SIXTY software from our client PID, the task was to develop a brand design that perfectly reflects the uniqueness and innovative power of the new software suite. In close cooperation with our client, we succeeded in creating a visual identity that radiates professionalism and at the same time embodies a modern and appealing aesthetic.

First, we carried out a comprehensive target group and competition analysis and worked with the client to determine which USPs characterize the new software. Based on this, we created a strong and modern brand design that authentically reflects PID 3SIXTY. This includes a striking logo, an expressive color palette, carefully selected fonts and a visual language that perfectly encapsulates PID 3SIXTY's brand message.

Thanks to our expertise, creativity and strategic thinking, we were able to create a visual identity that builds trust, attracts attention and positions PID as a leader in product identification.





Software product identification / labeling


Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Miro

Logo development

When developing the logo for PID 3SIXTY, we combined creativity and strategic thinking.

Working with our client, we used the collaborative tool Miro to share designs, concepts and feedback quickly and efficiently.

The circular elements in the logo symbolize the 360-degree approach of the software and also run through the entire design to create a strong recognition value and visual consistency.


Customized icons & illustrations

Among other things, we created technical yet modern illustrations for PID 3SIXTY to visually represent the functionalities of the software. In addition, we created customized icons to further strengthen the brand design of PID 3SIXTY. These were developed specifically for PID 3SIXTY and perfectly complement the visual appearance of the brand.

Our approach to this creative design was to convey the complexity of the software in an easily understandable way and to emphasize the benefits for customers. With this visual representation, we create a strong connection between the functionalities of the software and the target group of PID 3SIXTY.


World of colors

A crucial part of the brand design for PID 3SIXTY is the careful selection of the color palette. Here we have developed a harmonious palette that radiates professionalism, innovation and trust. The design also harmonizes very well with PID's color scheme. We also defined color gradients to give the design a modern and dynamic touch. The choice of colors and integration of color gradients create an appealing visual appearance that sets PID 3SIXTY apart from the competition and creates a strong recognition value.


Design in the application


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