Digitization project: billing portal for Experiment e.V.

How can you simplify a complex billing process that previously involved a lot of manual time and a literal jumble of slips of paper and display PDFs? We faced this challenge together with our customer Experiment e.V. The exchange organization thrives on the commitment of many volunteers. They have the option of submitting all costs incurred in the course of their volunteer activities for reimbursement. Previously, Experiment had to manually collate the PDFs completed by the volunteers and the attached receipts and forward them to the relevant cost center.

To simplify this process and make it more efficient, we have developed a digitalization project in the form of a billing portal based on WordPress. Each volunteer receives personal access to process their invoices independently and easily. The billing portal offers the option of submitting new billing statements, viewing previously submitted processes and downloading documents - intuitively and with just a few clicks.

The central storage of recurring information in the user's profile makes it even easier to enter data, as this is automatically inserted into each form.

A special feature of the project is the use of the same environment for the billing portal and Experiment's public applicant portal, where anyone can register. Volunteers can therefore access both the billing portal and the applicant portal and use the functionalities of both at the same time.

By digitizing this complex process, the manual merging of PDFs and receipts became superfluous. Instead, the applications were automatically merged with the receipts into one document and forwarded directly to the relevant contact person. As a result, many manual steps were reduced to just a few clicks for the clerks.

Effects achieved:

  • Significant simplification of the process for everyone involved thanks to digitalization
  • Reduction of manual work steps by 80%
    Associated with this: significantly greater efficiency and time savings on all sides


Experiment e. V.




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Digitize invoices through a digitization project

With the help of a portal implemented on a WordPress environment, volunteer statements can now be submitted digitally. We realized this by implementing a WordPress environment where volunteers can register and easily submit their statements digitally.

Save time and avoid mistakes

What's special about our digital billing portal? It saves a lot of time and avoids unnecessary errors. How does it do that? All information stored in the profile, such as name, e-mail and bank details, is automatically transferred to the billing forms. If the data differs, it is still possible to make individual entries.

All invoices at a glance

Thanks to an integrated overview page of the submitted statements, volunteers do not lose track of their submitted statements. All statements are saved here digitally and can be downloaded at any time and as often as you like.

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