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"A new website that represents us and our mission and takes our public image to a new level." This was the wish of our client Behind The Mask - a community consisting of two parts: "Behind The Mask" presents emotional videos, short films and documentaries, while "Behind The Mask Travel" enables travel bookings, from diving trips to individual trips. So how do we combine these two sections into one website and present their message to the outside world in an appealing and modern way?

One focus of the relaunch was on the emotional staging of the inspiring underwater world. The deliberate choice of imagery was successfully implemented, making the website stand out visually from other websites.

An additional aspect of the project was analytics and marketing integration. The installation of Google Analytics 4 enabled precise data collection and analysis. Mailchimp was also integrated to capture newsletter subscriptions, which increased interaction with users.

Another focus was on optimizing the travel booking option. An integrated form now enables smooth registration for trips, which improves the user experience and simplifies data collection at the same time.

Effects achieved:
  • Emotional connection through the presentation of the website in a modern design with an appealing visual world
  • Saving time and resources through effective implementation of the website relaunch
  • Easier data collection and improved user experience through an integrated travel booking form
  • Improved data collection and analysis, increased user interaction with the newsletter through Mailchimp
Behind the Mask Logo WordPress Website


Behind the Mask


Reiseanbieter & Filmproduktion


Figma, WordPress, Google Analytics 4

The implementation in Wordpress

When creating the website, we deliberately chose Wordpress as the content management system. Our extensive expertise in the design of Wordpress websites enabled us to develop a tailor-made platform that is characterized by its flexibility, scalability and ease of administration, while meeting all requirements and having a modern and appealing appearance.

Behind The Mask WordPress Website Mockup
Behind The Mask WordPress Website
Behind The Mask WordPress Website

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Marcel Wilpernig, Behind the Mask Travel

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