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WordPress Website for BRACE Group

The new website of our client BRACE Group was created from scratch as there was no online presence before. It is based on a completely new corporate design that was also created by our team.

The design of this website was an exciting challenge, where we worked closely with BRACE Group to ensure that it was not only modern and engaging, but also perfectly aligned with the client's brand values and objectives. Our experts applied the latest technologies and industry best practices to create a user-friendly and well-structured website.

A special section of this website is dedicated to BRACE Group's references and projects. Here we have created the opportunity to highlight our successes and achievements. This section underlines the professionalism and expertise of our client in an impressive way.

The accompanying corporate design manual ensures that our client can maintain consistent brand communication across all media. From color schemes and fonts to logo usage and image guidelines, every detail was carefully planned and documented to reinforce the brand identity.





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Power Point, InDesign, Figma, WordPress

Creation of the corporate design as a basis

The corporate design we developed for the BRACE Group forms the solid foundation for the company's overall image. With a clear focus on aesthetics, consistency and brand identity, we created a visual concept that authentically reflects BRACE Group's values and goals. From an expressive color palette and legible fonts to precise logo guidelines, our corporate design ensures that our client has a consistent and professional presence across all communication channels. This design served as the starting point for the creation of the website and is also used consistently in other corporate materials to establish a strong and distinctive brand presence.


Working with the Effecticore team is simply fun: friendly, inspiring and, above all, extremely professional. Always on an equal footing with their customers, they deliver first-class results. Spot landings par excellence!”

Ralf Meyer


The implementation in Wordpress

When creating the website, we deliberately chose Wordpress as the content management system. Our extensive expertise in the design of Wordpress websites enabled us to develop a tailor-made platform that is characterized by its flexibility, scalability and ease of administration, while meeting all requirements and having a modern and appealing appearance.


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