Website Relaunch

Website relaunch for Gabler Thermoform

GABLER Thermoform develops, manufactures and sells machines that are used worldwide for the production of plastic packaging for the food sector using the thermoforming process. The new website is intended to serve as a central platform for international sales support. The focus here is on a sales-boosting and modern presentation that clearly illustrates and explains both the areas of application and the extensive product portfolio.

The project started with a comprehensive analysis of the status quo of existing marketing activities. In addition, we held a content workshop with GABLER Thermoform's managers. The structure and content creation for the new website was based on these results. Here we chose a two-pronged approach with the questions a) What should be produced? and b) Which machine is best suited for which product and which scale of production? In terms of both content and visuals, the communication of the content is clear and easy to understand. With the help of an interactive world map, all international contacts are presented at a glance, making it much easier to make contact. A contact form is available for additional lead generation, which allows interested parties to request application or product-specific information.

Effects achieved:

  • Significantly improved sales argumentation
  • Stronger sales presentation of the product portfolio
  • Top usability - on desktop and mobile
  • Successful lead generation through data protection-compliant contact forms


GABLER Thermoform




Figma, Wordpress, hubspot


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