Website Düring Welding Technology

Website Düring Schweiß-technik

  • Industry: Welding technology
  • Keyindustry: Automotive industry
  • Locations: Germany, Brazil, Mexico, China
  • Conception and consultation
  • Screendesign
  • Web Development
Technically sophisticated solutions for resistance welding: this is what Düring Schweißtechnik GmbH stands for. The company develops, manufactures and assembles manual welding guns, robot welding guns and special welding systems. An important target group is the automotive industry, which was to be increasingly addressed by the relaunch of the website. Stronger sales support was also desired - both within Germany and internationally. In addition to a stronger sales presentation of the product portfolio, another focus was the improved approach to applicants in order to attract qualified new employees.
The basis for our work was a content workshop with executives from Düring Schweißtechnik GmbH. Among other things, target groups and core messages of the company were defined. The content was revised with a focus on the automotive industry and applicants. Strong sales texts with appropriate SEO keywords now bring Düring Schweißtechnik higher up in the Google ranking and optimally convey the company's USPs. Applicants are informed about new job prospects in an appealing way through improved placement and preparation of job offers. New mood images, which were created in a specially scheduled shoot, emotionalise customers as well as potential new employees.


  • Strengthened sales argumentation with a clear focus on the main target group
  • Sales-strong presentation of the product portfolio
  • Top Google rankings for the most important search terms
  • Optimised usability and responsiveness

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